the One




Here are some illustrations in progress for an animated series of poems about a mysterious creature called the One. The poems, written by Dale Tracey, are beautiful and just a bit creepy. I love them.  Big thanks to Brenda Leifso for introducing me to Dale and starting this collaboration ball rolling. I met Dale during a  writing workshop that Brenda facilitated at the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning last fall.

Dale Dionysus

Dale  recently performed some of her poems at the fabulous  Chipped Off Performance Collective performance of Dionysus! a Celebration of Defiance. Illustrations were projected behind Dale as she read 3 poems about the One. (photo credit: Hilbert Buist)

Following is an excerpt from Accident :

Stay tuned, more animation to come!





The drawings I have been making lately are inspired by the motion of the wind, more specifically the way it takes scarves, my hair, leaves, etc. and whips them around my face. Hats and hoods obstruct my peripheral vision. Although it is colder here, this is a very walkable city and I find myself spending more hours outside. The things I saw when visiting as a tourist were only part of the picture. I am enjoying exploring and have been having fun playing with different ways of art making. The above were made with the dregs of my morning coffee and colored pencil.