I was just finishing up this map when I received an email  announcing this week’s Illustration Friday prompt, ocean. Perfecto!

It’s become a family tradition to ring in the new year in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. One of the many things that we love to do while there is go out on a boat and explore. The orange lines on this map show the approximate paths of some of the trips we’ve taken. Over the years we’ve gone whale watching, snorkling, bird watching and have seen manta rays the size of a bed sheet.  This year, we took a night time boat trip. There is something so exciting about being out on the water in the dark under a sky full of sparkly stars. I can’t wait to do it again! Feliz Ano Nuevo!


2 thoughts on “Pacific

  1. “…manta rays the size of a bed sheet.” Guess what I will be thinking now, whenever I see my sheets waving in a summer breeze on my clothesline? Ooo, thanks for that lovely image.

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