Lately I have been enjoying the poetry of W. S. Merwin. Above are a few lines from one of my favorite poems, Far Company. It describes a vague memory so perfectly.

I had fun making this brain out of plasticine. It was used to illustrate a talk about learning and brain plasticity that a dear colleague and I gave at NAEA this year (minus the poem and plus identification of the areas of the brain involved in learning and memory).

The plasticine brain was passed around and audience members were encouraged to change it by leaving their mark on it. My actual brain left the conference very much changed and full of new ideas!


  1. this is great. Gosh, plasticine, , lovely image!..and what a nice idea to have other’s input..and the poem, says exactly how I feel. Thanks Peggy.

  2. Your work is fabulous!

  3. I’d not read that poem before, so thank you. And a perfect image to illustrate it.

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