It is super windy here today. Perfect weather to tie a blanket around your shoulders and strike a super hero pose. In France, the mistral is a strong wind that sweeps through Provence and can drive a person mad. Afterward the skies are a clear deep blue and any crazy behavior that occurred during the mistral is forgiven. We’re feeling a little crazy today.


  1. so creative! what a fabulous windy day activity! i almost didn’t the swing in the top photo….nonetheless, i am still impressed by that pose!

    1. hee hee… thank you!

  2. mistral…. that is such a lovely and mysterious word. i must find a way to use it, just like your girls did!

    1. Thanks! A Super Hero Blanket Cape would suit you well, dear! And your artsygirls too!

  3. What a brainstorm! Will you adopt me?

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