Art Supplies

This week the Weekword is recycle brought to us by the lovely Elizabeth at Textilspanieln

Packing materials make wonderful art supplies. Use them for collage and sculpture. They are also a lot of fun to photograph! I can’t bear to throw this stuff into a landfill so it all winds up in my art material bins. Someday everyone will get smart and use only biodegradable packing materials. Until then I will have an unending supply.

On Monday at the Walters Art Museum, we will be making collages inspired by Romare Bearden. There will be lots of magazine snipping going on in Studio A! That is just one of the fun things that will be going on during the  Martin Luther King Jr. Family Festival. Join us if you are in town!


  1. I’m glad you have a use for packing material. It drives me nuts. I take the peanuts to the local shipping store but I try to use wads of paper for packing instead so it can be recycled.

    1. Honestly it drives me nuts too. I have mountains of it in my basement because I can’t stand the idea of it winding up in a landfill. It will never decompose. The first photo is paper… it is a great packing material!

  2. Wish you guys lived near me, I’d pick up your packing material gladly. We collect it from our townsfolk & reuse it for our business. I am now buying “compostable” packing peanuts. They are made from potato starch & break down when they get wet. Dogs like to eat them, tho, which can be a problem if UPS leaves a box on your doorstep :-)

    1. I wish we lived near each other too! I’d gladly share. Bravo on the compostable peanuts!

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