Sand Skeleton Hands

The Weekword this week is Simplicity chosen by Christine.

We went away for the holidays this year.  We took some fun guided tours and ate at some fancy restaurants (more on that soon!), but I think this photo pretty much sums up the best part of the trip; just spending time and being silly with the ones I love.

13 thoughts on “Sand Skeleton Hands

  1. There really is nothing more simple than soaking up the sun with your feet and hands in the sand….Aaahhhhh, if only I could be there at this moment when flakes of snow and frigid cold swirls around me. Simplicity in the Sand. Nice!

  2. I can’t think of a better picture of vacation and the beach, and definitely one I’ve never thought of taking. It really is as simple as enjoying those you love-thanks for the reminder this morning!

  3. warm sand, a towel and a good book… “simplicity” at its best! what beach or lake shore? beautiful, grainy sand… loved having you participate in WEEKWORD… hope to have you back again.

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