8 thoughts on “Happy, merry

  1. lovely reindeer… hope your Christmas was incredibly fun! will post the new WEEKWORD on 1/1/11 since so many of us are taking a break from our blogging.
    Happy New Year Peggy…. btw – love the graphics for the magazine (12/16/10 post – my bday!…

  2. WEEKWORD is SIMPLICITY… wanted to let you know, in case you had something you wanted to post…
    Happy New Year & thanks for your recent visit to my blog… I too love my bearded Santa(s)… actually, they are staring at me as I write, waiting to be laid gently in their tissue wrapping for a cozy winter’s sleep… I’m procrastinating about getting the decorations put away….

    1. Good Lords-a-Leaping! I say go ahead and leave the decorations out until at LEAST the 12th day of Christmas. You’ve still got pipers to pipe and drummers to drum!
      Thanks for the weekword. I may play this week, let’s see how Monday goes…

  3. I’m with Peggy. In fact, let’s make up more than twelve days… “thirteen thrushes thrashing… fourteen foxhounds fetching… fifteen…” Sing with me, girls! My tree is still up & has no plan for coming down yet :-)

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