Apple muffins and a snowman

This has been a super busy few weeks. I’m not sure what happened to fall, it seemed to go by in a blink.

I’m not ready for winter yet. Let’s hope we only have powered sugar snow for a while.


  1. If we don’t go to the mountain tomorrow, I think we’ll make a gingerbread house, is that the edge of Sylvia I see?

    1. It sure is! Have fun at the mountain or the gingerbread house… or both!

  2. oh, your houses are darling!! thanks for the reminder – it’s time for our annual cookie house making! only in our case, i call them pathetic cookie houses b/c they always fall down, implode, have two roofs (or none)…

    1. Thanks! The secret is a kit from Trader Joe’s. We made lopsided gingerbread shanties for many years and I loved them. But, as the girls got older, they became more frustrated with the poor construction of my home made gingerbread walls. Now we opt for the kit, which passes their strict building code requirements. Then we doozy it up with cereal, marshmallows candy etc.

  3. Is your blog snowing? (My husband and I both saw it, so I know I’m not seeing things). How on earth did you do that? So cool!

    Love the gingerbead house!

    1. It is indeed! It’s a nifty feature that is available in December on WordPress!

  4. Looks like the Fussell girls are having fun. I love the marshmallow snowman w/cookie tray! I think our cats might like those cookies, am I right? Your cleverness always makes me smile big :-)

    P.S. We still have no snow here, so I added some to my blog header too. Thanks for reminder!

  5. Thanks and you’re welcome, dear Hennie!

    1. Can’t resist a little more sharing on this (mostly cuz I just saw a “kit” for a gingerbread lobster shanty in LL Bean catalog & thought of you)…

      Stray thought: Your ginger house made me think how after Christmas, it might be funny to set the house down outdoors & call my hens over, then watch (& film?) the carnage! Complete destruction by ravenous poultry. At a low angle (lying down), the hens would seem… fearsome? Happy December, fellow creative!

      1. Ha!! Do it! And definitely film it it!

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