Weekword – Curiosities

Emma at The Gift Shed choose this week’s word and it’s one of my favorites….curiosities. I am a huge fan of  Cabinets of Curiosites. When I was growing up my family had a shelf that was dedicated to objects of interest that my brother, sister and I found. There were seashells, robin’s eggs, animal skulls, heart shaped rocks and more. Sometimes we’d find an old toy buried in the garden and that would go on the shelf.  I’ve encouraged my daughters to do the same (except when we are in a public park, of course) My whole house has become a bit of a wunderkammer. Stuff lines shelves and window sills.  One day I will tame it all and arrange it in a proper cabinet. In the meantime, I’ve gathered a few things to show you. See if you can find….

– a cow vertebra

-a desiccated gecko

-a bunny’s tail

-maracas from Cuba

-a mermaid’s purse

(Click on the image for the answers)

If you are a fan of curiosities,  (and really, who isn’t?) I recommend the book Mr. Wilson’s Cabinet of Wonder by Lawrence Weschler.  Of course, one of my favorite cabinets of curiosities is the Chamber of Wonders at the Walters Art Museum here in Baltimore. Stop by and be amazed.


  1. i love that you line your window sills with your finds. your collection is quite impressive. my husband and i keep cool rocks, clovers, and conjoined flora. i never realized so many people were curiosity keepers.

  2. Mermaid’s purse! I saw a bunch at the beach this summer and didn’t know what they were. Thank you for sharing your collection!

  3. I love your sand dollar… I guess I didn’t know the definition of curiosities? WOW! I learn something new every day…

  4. What a treasure trove you have of natural curiosities! I’m a big fan of bones myself and tend to collect them wherever I can, little bits here and there. Presentation looked like a found art exhibit with that beautiful light and the monochromatic backgrounds-gorgeous!

  5. “Pretty sticks” cracks me up. I so get that. LOVE the way you linked to Flickr for mouse-over action! Judging from your fabulous collection(s), well, I think you’d like my house :-)

    Darn tootin’ I’m going to “stop by” the Walters someday. But I hope my first stop will be lunch with you!

  6. Thanks all! Part of the fun of collecting anything is arranging it isn’t it?

    HM, I am sure I would like your house! Pretty sticks and garlic and feathers.

  7. OH! I absolutely LOVE bones and desiccated goodies (I have my own private collection!)

  8. Weekword is posted at http://www.domesticscribbles.com. I hope you’ll have time to play since it’s a number…even of course. Although you prefer odds maybe it’s something you could work with. ;o)

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