Lucky 7

A lucky key to a beach house that I hope to revisit someday.

This week the weekword is key.  In a funny twist of fate, we had some car keys go missing around here this week. Not so lucky. Very expensive. Let’s hope that never happens again.

Visit Sally to see some marvelous key collections!


  1. ohhh! does this key fit a Victorian house?? the shapes of old keys are so charming…
    ummm… I’m the key keeper! I have keys for my mom’s condo; my daughter’s apartments, my daughter’s Honda, our storage units. my former house (with first husband) & the list goes on… if anyone needed a key – I would have to mail it because they all live hours away – so I wonder why I have keys to their homes?
    I adore your creative illustrations!

  2. That, my dear, is a fabulous key! Sorry to hear about your car keys though :(

  3. I hope you’re able to visit the beach house soon since the well-loved key is enticing on it’s own! Modern key replacement IS expensive! I was shocked by the price when I had to inquire in the spring. A new reason for me to be neurotic about the whereabouts of my keys. Hopefully a beachy drink, some chocolate, or productive art time assuages the loss and replacement process. ;o)

  4. That IS a lucky key! It probably opens 7 things, and I bet it works on your car.

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