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This week’s WeekWord is begin, brought to us by S.E. Minegar over at ensalada New beginnings abound around here right now. For one thing school is about to start. That brings new pencils, paper and shoes. There are so many end-of-summer / beginning-of-school activities to squeeze into these last precious days, for example the clay mask photo shoot ritual (see above)

I am posting my weekword early because I’ll be spending the last few days of summer visiting my cousin. In the past the girls have joined me for  summer art camp at her house. This year I am going solo! We have a lot planned for our own grown-up art camp. I can pretty much guarantee that there will be green clay masks and red wine involved. I’m so very excited! But never fear,  I’ll be back in time to do some  last minute shopping, fill out a million forms and do the back to school dance…


  1. Adorable mask photos! I get butterflies late August/early September in anticipation for the school year. There is something in the air that does it to me. I divide my life into semesters. I think I am the only adult that has an August to August calendar, instead of a yearly one.

    Here’s to new beginnings! Enjoy your art camp.

    1. Thanks! My calendar goes September to September : )

  2. Art Wine Spa getaway, you say? Good thing you didn’t give your cousin’s address, or I might be packing my bags to crash your party… my art-supply tote, a rainbow collection of nailpolish & a 3-day supply of greasy chips. Yeah, baby, let me in!

  3. P.S. Hooray for WP slideshow facials! Hee hee!

    1. Thanks for introducing me to the idea! I finally found a good (?) use for the slideshow! Someday we’ll get together for facials and greasy chips and dancing with abandon. We’ll bring cameras and sketchbooks to prove it happened : )

      1. … and then we’ll destroy the evidence, HA!

  4. Carmen Hirkala

    Oh I LOVE the slideshow Peggy and your art adventure sounded really fantastic-I’m sorry to hear it won’t work for this weekend :( So glad you played this week and yeah to school beginnings, they always make me happy!

  5. ohhh… a slideshow…. is that your daughter?
    I just spoke to the middle daughter & she told me she is planning to move across the country (from Berkeley, CA to Washington DC) by the end of September — so I am a bit “blue” but perhaps a “green mask” will brighten my day.

    1. My heart goes out to you! But what a great adventure for her! DC is a lot of fun. Good luck and best wishes to her (and also to you)

  6. Your pics are adorable.
    You look like twins!

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