I <3 U

I took a little doodle break from drawing yews this afternoon. Now I’d better get back to the bushes….


  1. love your illustrations… I hope I didn’t miss adding you to the WEEKWORD list of participants. I noticed your comment on my blog – hopefully, you will come back to WEEKWORD next week?

    What do you mean by “yews”???

    1. Thanks Christine! No, I couldn’t make the weekword this week, but hopefully I’ll jump in again soon. A yew is an evergreen shrub that I have been drawing this week. I have a love/hate relationship with those tough bushes.

  2. what sort of artwork are you doing that requires you to create a “yew”???

    your profession is intriguing to me…. will hopefully see you participate in WeekWord soon… but I’ll be bookmarking your blog so I can follow you…

    1. I’m illustrating an article about hedges : ) Thanks for the bookmark!

  3. Thinking of you, Peggaloo: I’m working on a trail MAP today, of all things. Volunteer gig for a local nature center. Maybe I’ll blog it for your review, when I finish? Sure could use your talent & expertise about now. Ouch, I’m a struggler on it without you. Have a great day, girlie!

    1. Happy trails, HM! I can’t wait to see your map! (and with all YOUR talent, it should be a walk in the park, my dear!)

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