Double braid with a twist

I am submitting an illustration for Hennie’s marvelous weekword early for two reasons. I am going to be super busy tomorrow and I think this drawing will also work for the Illustration Friday prompt double. So… without further ado,  I present this summer’s signature hairdo…. Double camp counselor braids twisted up and secured with two paintbrushes. It’s what I have been wearing almost every day lately. Will I ever stop twisting my hair into silly shapes? Probably not.

Hennie’s braid post reminds me that I intended to mention a favorite book of mine… The WIld Braid: A Poet Reflects on a Century in the Garden,  by Stanley Kunitz. It is a mix of poetry, gardening and a good life. Beautiful.

And now this coincidence… today’s Poem-A-Day,  La Figlia Che Piange has sent me into a T.S. Elliot swirl.


  1. love the addition of the red flowers…
    braids + hair twists are always fashionable! cool-looking (especially when the hair is wet out of the shower or pool)! keeps the “tickly, annoying” strands of hair from falling on your sweaty neck or face!
    makes me wish I had long hair….

  2. Fear the Pink

    This is really elegant; I love how the line flow is so natural and smooth. Very well done! =)

  3. Beautiful. I love the gracefulness about it. I have a habit of putting my hair up with pencils.

  4. I loved the limited use of color with this drawing–nicely done and professional looking! :-D

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  6. Aw, phoo. This image is so very pretty that I’m tempted to grow my hair out again… just after I stated in my braid-post that I’ve accepted a short-haired me!

    Note to self: Watch out for Peggy. She may persuade me to do things I probably shouldn’t (giggle).

  7. Thank you all!
    Junebug, I use pencils too, and pens and chopsticks and anything else that I can twist in. Sometimes I forget to check a mirror and leave the house looking like a porcupine.
    Nobody is twisting your arm HM! I love your cute summer-do!

  8. Beautiful drawing. Elegant, precise and mysterious all in one.

    1. Thank you, Joanne!

  9. this is a rather lovely illustration!
    very feminine!
    beautiful x

  10. Peggy what a beautiful simple line delicious piece! It makes me think of Paris cafes, summer nights out in Fort Bragg, CA on the coast, and the elegance of my mother’s perfume when I was a kid. Absolutely lovely.

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