The weed rebellion

The weeds have staged a rebellion in my back yard. Heat and drought have only strengthened their resolve. These words from the poem  Striding the Bones of the Coastal Range, rattle through my mind as I attempt to wrestle a tomato or cuke from the thorny grip…


Rank the stalk; and prickle leaf already claw gone thistle. Thorn-apple
Spikings come no surprise. Lethal. Fell. Is witch-wood entered here!
…. Choose carefully your gait.

Circumnavigate My Pretty Little Pretty! Derey me! Dearie Lictious!
…. One knows the cackle. Nightmare Crone.


The weekword of the week is rebel, chosen by Carmen. Visit her to see more blatant acts of rebellion.

8 thoughts on “The weed rebellion

  1. They’re at our house too….. We’ve finally decided to just let them move in on top of the hill. They seem to be happy there and have made quite a nice home for themselves! Great take on the word, Peggy! B.

  2. Ooo, that’s some serious puckerbrush! Be careful in there ;-) I find cuke vines kinda prickly on their own merit, weeds aside. But yum, worth the scratches!

    I did a garden post for “rebel” too. We think alike!

  3. Yes the weeds are nice and healthy : ) They are the greenest things in my garden! No poison ivy sightings, thank goodness. That I cannot abide. But the rest have a stay of execution until the heat breaks.

  4. My weeds are getting out of control, too, as a result of health issues and other commitments. I eat some of them, to help keep hem under control.

    I will add you in late with your work balance or anything else, if you want. I don’t know about you, but i’m so busy that I often visit these things a week or two or three late and check them all out then.

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