Weekword – and the number is…

As luck would have it, and by sheer  coincidence, I found myself working with lots of numbers this week. Artscape starts tomorrow!  If you are in Baltimore this weekend be sure to go. I’ll be there all weekend. Please stop by The Walters tent in The Target Art Park and say hello!  We’ll be making gizmos and gadgets galore and telling everyone how excited we are about the upcoming exhibit,  Walter Wick: Games, Gizmos and Toys in the Attic.  I had a lot of fun making the above sample of a sea queen robot. We’ll have all sorts of odds and ends to comb through so that your little ones can build whatever kind of widget suits their fancy.  Here’s a sneak preview of some of the loot…

Stamps, clock parts, springs and game pieces.

Spools, buttons, corks and dowels.

Clothes pins, paper clips, pipe cleaners, etc.  to connect things up.

The idea is to get kids  to think about ways to make their gizmos without using glue or tape. What do you think? Could you make a sculpture using just the stuff in your junk drawer?

Here’s the list of this week’s weekword participants… . aimee, cissi, B, Cathy, Christine, Domestic Scribbles, Carmen HIrkala, Nathalie, henniemavis, S.E.Minegar , trinsch, kirstin and  Hanna (if I missed anyone please  let me know)  Be sure to check out what they got up to with the word number.

11 thoughts on “Weekword – and the number is…

  1. wow, that looks like so much fun! you’ll have to show us some of the stuff you created with them kiddos.

    i am participating. you didn’t forgoet me, though, i just never joined. i thought i might have to wait and see if i could make it after i announced my participation for a couple of weeks but didn’t make it. but now i did :)

  2. The “loot preview” of artist materials looks very tempting, yes it does! Living out in the country has its merits, surely… but when I get an eyeful of the fun events going on in cities, I do feel somewhat deprived. I hope I hear an owl this evening, to comfort me & make it seem like a fair trade ;-)

    It’s 5:30pm Friday & I just finished my weekword post. Didn’t know if you needed to link directly to that post? If so, it’s up now… I’m going to go look at others’ stuff now!

  3. this was so much fun! loved visiting other blogs – what an incredibly talented group of bloggers & we are all so different! its really stimulating to have “homework” to keep my “educator-mind” in tip-top shape over the summer break… this sure beats Sudoku!

  4. Oh, man, I wish I were in Baltimore this weekend! What great, great fun! Love the city, anyway, but this looks like a blast. And what a wonderful idea for the kids… no glue or tape… hmmm… Great word, Peggy! Thanks for hosting us this week. B.

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