Weekword: Number

The lovely Aimee defined weekword as a creative prompt that is  “open to any kind of interpretation – photography, poetry, art, deep thoughts, random neuron firings – pretty much anything that can come out of a creative process.” Each week another participant is asked to provide a word. This week it’s my turn. One of my favorite poems of all time is 9. by e.e. cummingsNumber is the word I choose for this week.   Do you have a favorite number? A lucky number? A number that just pops up everywhere you look?  Say the word number a dozen times and your mouth will go numb.

All are welcome to join in the fun. Simply leave a comment below letting me know that you’re in.  Then post your number work on Friday, July 16 and I will link to your site!

24 thoughts on “Weekword: Number

  1. Hi Peggy,

    My favorite/lucky number is 13. For one thing that is the number of siblings I have and for another I think a number that is shunned by so many needs someone to love it!


    1. My birthday is the 13th so I have always felt it was a lucky number. Glad to hear that I am not the only one with a fondness for 13. (Wow 13 siblings… that’s a lot of birthday cake!)

  2. sounds like fun. i can think of a few different ways this can go already!

    favorite numbers: aw, that’s like trying to pick a favorite color, only moreso!

  3. Count me in, two.

    Question: when you say “post by Friday July 16,” are we talking posted by 8am that morning, or do I have until midnight on the 16th? (You should get a sense of my workweek by that question, snicker!)

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