Summer flavors

For some time now I have been enjoying the creative prompt called weekword as a spectator. This week I am jumping in with the word Flavor supplied by the lovely Aimee at artsyville. When I think of summer flavors  I think of two things…. seafood and berries. We’ve been cooking our “special occasion seafood” on the grill and love the way it intensifies the flavor.

We love cake around here. On birthdays we tend to bake one for the day itself, one for a party maybe another when the grandparents come to celebrate… you get the idea. We eat a lot of cake. Every once in a while we have a little bit leftover. The best thing to do with leftover cake is to  make a fool of it. Just add berries and whipped cream, plus or minus a splash of hootch and voila! The perfect summer dessert.

For Father’s Day this year we used pink birthday cake with blueberries.

Here is my favorite recipe for the topping…

1 cup sugar

1.5 tsp vanilla

8 oz. mascarpone cheese

1 pint chilled whipping cream

1/4 cup rum or fruit juice (you can substitute any kind of liquor OR use lowfat milk, the point is to moisten the cake)

2 cups of leftover cake, muffins, ladyfingers or other sweet what-have-you

2 or 3 pints of your favorite berries

1. In a medium bowl mix the sugar, mascarpone and vanilla. Cover and chill for at half an hour. (meanwhile try not to eat the cake or drink the booze.)

2.  Whip the cream to soft peaks, then gently fold in the mascarpone mixture. Cover and chill for an hour or until you run out of patience (try not to eat all the berries)

3. Cut the cake into 2 inch cubes and place it in a fancy bowl. Sprinkle it with the rum or juice. Pile on half of the berries, then the whipped cream/mascarpone mixture then the rest of the berries. Chill the whole thing or grab a spoon and eat it on the spot.

ps. if you use kahlua, strong coffee and a handful or two  of chocolate chips you get something that resembles  tiramisu

15 thoughts on “Summer flavors

  1. Wow! This is all so super yummy. Thanks for the recipe and the idea. Great take on the word and glad you decided to participate!

  2. wow…this recipe would be a stretch for me as i’m nervous when cooking fish. but, you make it look and sound so delicious and i’m excited about being more creative in the kitchen. thanks for the inspiration (and thanks for stopping by my blog). happy day!

  3. This is the first time I jumped into the weekword fun as well…isn’t great?? Your post is delectable…I LOVE berries. I’m totally trying this recipe…a yummy post and a treat to take away from it and make…awesome

  4. you and your hootch! let’s round up monty and have a sotted feast some afternoon. awesome flavor here. hey, this is kinda late notice, but will you pick the next weekword? all you have to do is pick a random word and post it tomorrow (monday), then next friday post your interpretation and link to those who would like to join in too. let me know!

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