A leeky garden

Every year I let a number of leeks go to seed in my garden. I love their shape. The tall stems and oniony scent create a natural fence that deters the bunnies from nibbling, and the purple blooms attract beneficial bugs.

In the past the kids and I have drawn happy faces and made little red gnome hats for them. One year we painted them black to look like crows,  with yellow beak tips and eyes. This year I have a bumper crop of the bobbles…and extra hungry bunnies.

So, I’ve created a leek squad to guard my lettuce and tomatoes. Fingers crossed.


  1. this was just what i needed to see! you have no idea how hard i’m laughing! i say you call one of them monty.

    1. Now I am laughing hard!! I will absolutely name all of them… I think the one in the middle is Monty.

  2. Pervasively creative, that’s what you are :-)

    On a more gruesome note: please name one after me. If/when my head explodes, I want it to become a flower!

    1. HA!! You’ve got it!

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