27th World Wide SketchCrawl

Enrico Casarosa came up with the SketchCrawl. It’s sort of like a pub crawl, but you feel a lot better  the next day.  The idea is to spend a given day touring and drawing, then share with others around the world who have done the same. The next SketchCrawl is July 31.  I sketched on my own this time, in between kid drop offs and pick ups. It was a beautiful day in Baltimore, just perfect for sketching in the park.

10 thoughts on “27th World Wide SketchCrawl

  1. What a cool thing. I didn’t know about it or I may have postponed sniffing burning plastic. Love the lines in the trees – they are very Peggy.

  2. Like going around the world in a day, thru sketch-mapping? What a fun idea! I just got to see a park in Baltimore thru a Peggy looking glass :-)

    I’ll click the link & read more. Maybe I can join the July 31 one…

  3. an awesome use of time between pickups and dropoffs! i love your drawing!

    p.s. could you imagine having a sketchpubcrawl? might have some interesting effects on the results…

  4. By gum, if you arrange a Sprawl… well, I might turn up in Baltimore begging to sketch at the Walters & the Geo. Peabody Library with you! I’ll even consider helping with some of that “blue glass” for your bottle tree after all ;-)

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