Asian Spring Family Festival

I had a lot of fun helping plan and make things for the Asian Spring Family Festival at the Walters Art Museum. Here are a few of the drawings that I made for  a Yoga Seek & Find & Pose.

I created a small tri-fold sheet that  instructed visitors to look for specific art objects in the Hackerman House.  On the sheet was a small silhouette of the object, a description of where to find it and a drawing of yoga pose that relates to the object. If the kids found all five objects they won a prize (a very cute bendy animal!)

Deborah Quirk is a wonderful yoga instructor. Visitors of all ages enjoyed her lessons in the beautiful Sculpture Court.

Kids participated in a community activity by cutting out paper scales and gluing them to a big paper dragon.

Plush Bonsai Trees

Foo Dog Masks

Sushi Blocks

I had way too much fun helping create things for the Early Childhood  Development Area.

It was a great day. I’m looking forward to the next festival in October!

3 thoughts on “Asian Spring Family Festival

  1. (stamping my foot for emphasis) I want to be a volunteer at the Walters & work for you, darn it. First that Greco-Roman mythology festival & now this! You do the most amazing & beautiful art things for these events. Baltimore, hmm… when Sylvie goes to college, can I have her room? HA!

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