And a very Happy St Paddy’s Day to you, my dears

Time to plant the peas! (but first Irish breakfast tea and soda bread courtesy Miss J. Thank you so.)

We planted snap, shelled, snow and sweet.

There was so much clean up to do in the garden. My sore muscles will pay the piper tomorrow. But tonight, I’m looking forward to a Guinness.


  1. this is the perfect time for blogsurfing! i’m making my rounds and this is the fourth guinness i’ve come across. one more and i’ll be drunker than a skunk. enjoy! and it looks like you’ve had a yummy morning as well!

    1. Cheers Aimee!! Good thing we don’t have to drive to visit bloglandia!

  2. HA! I thought of you all day with yet another case of “OH NO! I didn’t plant my peas today!!” Anxiety. I hereby put you in charge of making sure I do it next week, ok?
    xoxo dawna

    1. I came so close to calling you but thought better of it. You had your spinning to do! Your yarn looks so lovely. Happy St Pat’s Day darlin’!

  3. I am soooo jealous of your long growing season! My garden is still under snowcover, but it’s melting fast. There are some open patches of “dirt” (read “mud”), thru which I can see my garlic & perennial onions pushing up. Hey, it’s a start :-) Lucky you!

  4. Yay for gardens going in! Here too and I can’t wait till they are producing. What a lovely way to spend St. Pattys day.

  5. I think of you every St. paddy’s! And, yes, my peas are in!

    1. Ha!! I’m glad! Thanks for sayin’ so :)

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