It’s time to read Alice in Wonderland again. I have read it every 5 or 6 years since I was 13. It gets into my dreams, with a slightly different twist, and makes me see the world from a different angle each time I read it. Have you noticed that things tend to surface when you most need them?

This video by Angela Kohler gives me the same happy-excited feeling  that I get when I read Alice in Wonderland. (via Mint)

My daughter has heard the story in Lewis Carrol’s words many times.  I recently found a copy of the invitation to her fifth birthday party (10 years ago!) She and her friends went to see Tim Burton’s version of Alice last night. I can’t wait to hear what they think of it. I wonder how many of them have read the book?

Alice in Wonderland is a perfect book to read aloud. To kids, to adults, to the mirror. I also highly recommend reading anything by James Thurber aloud, The 13 Clocks and The Wonderful O are family favorites.  And of course poetry. I just got my copy of Margie and I love her.  But I beg of you…whatever you do, DO NOT read  in “Poet Voice”.  No.


  1. Lol, well now you just made me want to read “poet Voice”! Really bad writing or just depressing writing?

    Love the costume pic, sooo cute!

    1. Thanks Andie! Poet Voice is good writing about bad reading….go ahead and click on it. It’ll give you a smile.

  2. Reading silently or aloud is an amazing pleasure, thanks to those who write amazingly creative things. Words = aural, visual, conceptual = that “happy-excited feeling” for me too!

    And “poet voice,” HA! Both the poem & the recorded reading. She could win a poetry slam with this I’ll bet! If she hasn’t already :-)

  3. oh yes!! my daughter and i are reading it right now – at the moment she’s stuck in the chimney. can’t wait to check out poet voice now. cannot resist.

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