Reliable Repairs

Another fun illustration assignment from the folks at Graphic Beans! This time I was lucky enough to work on a project for  Jo Ellen Soesbee of Reliable Repairs. Her contracting firm specializes in subcontracting, repair and maintenance for residential and commercial customers.

Jo Ellen makes a point of hiring women contractors and also of empowering women to take charge of their own repairs.   By working in the community and offering free repair lessons to women, she propagates the notion of self reliance.  And, yes, she wears pink work boots!

Jo Ellen is also a Tomboy Tools consultant.  These pink tools are ergonomically designed for women. If you choose to host a Tool Party in your home, Jo Ellen can help you with home improvement and maintenance ideas and suggest the right tools for your guest’s DIY projects.

Here are some preliminary boot sketches. I was running low on paper so I reused a piece that I had previously used to work out labels on a map.  When I finished I realized  that my sketch reminded me of a dance lesson in work boots.


  1. I tell you, pink boots are going to be all the rage next season.

    Nice illio!

  2. Fantastic depiction of a great idea. Great shapes and linework to go along with it.

  3. Great art, as usual! I can’t decide what tickles me most:
    Your beautiful series of sketches…
    dancing lessons in my hiking boots… or
    learning to make most of my own home repairs!

    I want all three, I’m afraid :-)

  4. Thank you! cha cha cha…

  5. oh, fascinating! i love seeing your steps, so to speak, behind this one – the sketches stand by themselves, too! so good!

  6. LOvely!! Does she sell some pink boots?? yuuuum!

  7. andothersuchthings

    These are great! Its especially nice to do work for businesses you can really get behind, right?

  8. Oh! Lovely work, Peggy. I can’t stand that Jo Ellen isn’t for hire here!

  9. Thanks guys! Jo Ellen is indeed the bees knees! I have to say that, as corny as it may sound, working for folks you like and respect is the key to career happiness.

  10. Very cool! How fun and important!

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