It snowed

….we made goat cheese

….and had a party.

The recipe for the goat cheese was courtesy of kiss my spatula. Goodness, I love that blog. The cheese came out so well that I can’t wait to do it again. But it was a close call. I bought ultra pasteurized goat’s milk because it was all I could find. The milk wouldn’t curdle. I almost threw it all out but I took a chance on adding the juice of another lemon. I poured the liquid into a dishtowel that was draped over a colander and walked away, sure that nothing would come of it. But surprise!  In a few hours I unwrapped the towel and found some very lovely cheese! Here is a photo of the unveiling. Do you see a face? Is the moon made of goat cheese?

Next time I will search the farmer’s market for pasteurized, or (dare I dream to find it?)  unpasteurized goat’s milk.

6 thoughts on “It snowed

  1. Yum, your cheese looks delish! I will try this recipe (no rennet req, yay). A local friend has milking Nubians, lots of milk for sale during kidding. Shoot, you could milk the goats yourself… Allison would be great for the break :-)

    Sure wish we were neighbors sometimes. I want a piece that cake, bad!

  2. ooh goat cheese! My boyfriend has been on a cheese-making kick these days– yes, lucky me. I’ll pass on that recipe. And what a pretty birthday party…

  3. I just made some. All I could find was the ultra pasterized also. WordPress was down and I was freaking. Finally poured it in any, YAY! Cheese! Let me know if you find goat’s milk.

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