I am by nature a collector. I accumulate a LOT of stuff. Every once in a while I attempt to tame and organize it.


Thank goodness for my IKEA guru. She is helping me reorganize my studio.



We live in an old house and  are always discovering things left behind by previous owners. The best was $2,000 cash in an envelope under a radiator cover.  I insisted on returning it to the lady from whom we bought the house. I was spurred on, no doubt by my love for Edgar Allan Poe’s story, The Tell Tale Heart. I do live in Baltimore after all. I am sure that if we had kept the money that radiator would hiss at me until I went mad. We also returned a diamond ring. But we kept the cement Indian head and the old toys and watercolor instruction books.


This was found in the rafters on a recent trip to the attic….. Should I save it? Or is it a sign from above that I should be getting rid of stuff??


  1. amazing that the previous owners left so much stuff behind! and money!

  2. You are so funny!! Good work on the studio, looks great and must feel better. :)

  3. Whoosh I can feel all that organization and fresh room to think all the way over here,Peggy! And how good are you to have returned that found money! I considered myself honest until I read that! Now, I’m a thieving pirate scum hoarder with a messy workshop!! :)

  4. It is amazing what you can find stowed in an old house. Once, while remodeling a bathroom, a friend of mine tore up the floorboards and found a perfectly neat row of dozens of tiny empty liquor bottles. Now THAT must have been the work of a sneaky pirate!!!

    Ugg, what I wouldn’t give to find a row of those bottles myself. I’d send a few to Halfland, I swear I would.

  5. what amazing discoveries! finding $2000 is a serious test of ethics and you passed that one with brilliance. you might enjoy reading what my friend jen unearthed last week while renovating her old home:

  6. Wow Peggy, those drawers look great and I am sure helps you alot to keep so much stuff. It is my problem too. Can not throw anything away, keep interesting things I find anywhere.. you know hoping that I could make something someday..

    Your house!!! Maybe there is a big big treasure hidden underground there and these are just signs.. Wow.. why not :)

  7. Oh Aimee, the story of the paper dolls is priceless! Thanks for sharing that!

    Thanks Yaz! A few years ago we actually had a sink hole in our back yard. Only six inches of topsoil and roots were suspended above four feet of EMPTY SPACE. Apparently there was once a well there. It had been filled in but the filling settled. Fortunately the guy who put his foot through and discovered the well was not hurt and actually laughed about it. Whew!! I wanted to stage an archeological dig, but my husband just wanted to fill it up and keep everyone safe. Maybe some day I’ll find that treasure!

  8. i must say, peg, you have had some great finds in your home! love the auction sign, and i say keep it!

  9. this is a great post to leave what I believe is my first comment here. I must say, I never saw a CD tray this nice. I should do a you do and put nice things on mine. And I really like the little drawing over the drawers. Oh and keep the flag!

  10. Finding things like that is like treasure hunting! Good thing you gave the old lady the money (my grandmother used to hide money like that too!)…

    I would keep the flag/sign!

  11. Alright it is settled then, the flag stays! Thanks, guys.

    Nathalie, those trinkets are just random accumulations, buttons, a broken strand of pearls, seashells, there is sort of a theme to each jumble on my desk.

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