More Fall Festivals!


I’ve been in a fall mood and have been as busy as a squirrel. There is something about the cooler weather and shorter days that makes me want to gather up and organize my resources. I am making little handpainted Witch Brooches, Catrina Cameos and Pumpkin Pins to celebrate the season.

Catrinas are the skeletons of well to do ladies. On El Dia de los Muertos,  they come back to remind us that, in the end, regardless of how much money, status or power one may have,  we all wind up dead. I’ve loved these ladies with their fancy dresses and headpieces ever since becoming acquainted with them while living in Texas. I thought it would be fun to make some cameo pins of them. (while listening to mariachis, of course!)


The brooches, my little skeleton books and more will be for sale this Saturday at the Festival on the Hill in lovely Bolton Hill. I’ll be teaming up with Kris Willett again, so look for us under the Earthly Treasures sign. Fingers crossed for nice weather, please!


I’ve also featured a selection of pins and mini books at my etsy shop, peggyellen. Please visit this little witch and her pumpkin pals there!

And….don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Family Festival of Champions, Oct 24th,  and  the Dia de los Muertos Festival ,Nov 1st, at The Walters Art Museum. More details about both of those days to follow…


  1. the little skeleton books are the sweetest! *love them*

  2. henniemavis

    Picturing you as a squirrel… that’s my favorite part of reading this post! Hope you score a stash of cash & fun at the fall fair(s). May you line your nest with money for winter, thanks to your busy creative cleverness!

    P.S. I think Noble Designs needs a squirrel character named Peggy. I really do.

  3. good luck with the show! i love your skeleton mini books!

  4. Thanks guys!! The festival went well; a lovely day, good music, chili & sangria for lunch and some extra cash at the end of it all!

  5. Peggy, how was the festival? I hope the weather was nice.

    I love the brooches, especially the idea behind them!

  6. Ops, ok.. I have just seen your comment saying that the festival went well :) Glad to hear that ! More cooler weather and shorter days are coming and I love that feeling too.

    1. Yaz, You and I live at nearly the same latitude. I am at 39 degrees N and you reside at 37 degrees N! A straight east/west line door to door!

  7. A straight east/west line door to door! Vaowww… It is like, if I start running from here and follow the latitude; I can go directly to your door :) What a great coincidence Peggy!!

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