Witch arts & craftiness


I am gearing up for some fall craft festivals, making more little books, cards, some pins and masks.  They will feature ghosts and skeletons awakened from their infinite rest to celebrate Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. Maybe some witches too! First stop, The Lauraville Fair Saturday the 26th, starting at 12:00.  I’ll be joining the lovely Kris Willett of Earthly Treasures and artist  Nathalie Jedynak.  If you are in town, stop by and say hi!



I could cut this pink rubber stuff from now to eternity.  It is so very relaxing. I’ve been printing with acrylic paint onto felt, then touching it up and adding highlights with a brush. It sort has that “paint on velvet” feel.

ps…Stay tuned for more festival dates and the grand re-opening of my etsy shop!

12 thoughts on “Witch arts & craftiness

  1. Peggy, thank you so much!! You are such a kind of a person offering to send me some from that pink material. If I were living in the states, I could have send you my mailing address and would love to try out a piece but, I am too far away in Turkey. I might be away physically but all of my best wishes are with you and your beautiful family. Best, Yaz

  2. These are great fun… we just dug our potatoes, and seeing your work makes me want to play with my food! I think some potato stamping is in order. You’re such a catalyst for fun :-)

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