1. It feels like fall.. yes same here. It is still hot but the color of the everything under the sun has changed.

    Love the pictures, especially the bug, mushrooms and grapes.

  2. Doesnt it though!! I am so excited and ready. Love your pics!

  3. Awesome pics! I can totally feel fall in the air – my favorite season! Time for knitting and snuggling under blankets :)

  4. Fall it is, but I love it! That cloud :) and the grapes, lovely!

  5. hey peggy, love this collection of photos! especially the one of the loop cloud and the dead bug on the ground!

  6. henniemavis

    Gorgeous grapes… CRUNCH!!!

  7. Ooop! Who piked a finger through the clouds?! Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. I really loved those mushrooms, too. I want to bounce on them along the trail. Wouldn’t that be fun?

  8. Thank you all so much! It certainly is a sweatshirt wearing kind of a day here today!

  9. beautiful. our locusts have been soooo loud!

  10. Maria Springer

    I love your blog…….and the pictures are all beautiful…..a true artist’s eye!!!!!!!!!!!

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