Sometimes caution ties my hands, other times I take the anxiety and play with it. (Hand modeling thanks to G.A.B)



My youngest decided to join me in the Illustration Friday fun this week. Here is Sylvie’s work. She taught herself to use  a free paint program that came with the family computer. Unbeknownst to me, she  was working away on her submission while I was here in my studio working on mine. Surprise Mom! I am looking forward to doing mother/daughter IF posts more often.

Big thanks to Chicken Nugget Lemon Tooty for the inspiration!

13 thoughts on “Caution

  1. excellent interpretations from both of you! i think it’s great – REALLY great – that you have inspired your daughter to start doing IF topics with you!

  2. Peggy, I really love Sylvie’s work.. She is very talented. That must be great to see her doing these. My daughter is only 2,5 and I need to wait for a while to see if she likes painting or not..

  3. thanks for your comment, peggy! I absolutely LOVE the mother/daughter submissions for IF. I always wished my daughter would be more arty, but she’s creative in other ways, so it’s all good.

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