IF: Wrapped


Its been a while since I’ve posted anything to Illustration Friday, so I thought I’d give the prompt “wrapped” a whirl.

Here is the preliminary sketch I did of myself wrapped in towels.  It doesn’t really look like me.


The nose is too short and the eyes are too big and the chin is just wrong. Self portraits are tough. One thing I learned is that if you put on a clay face mask before you start it helps you see the planes of your face. I think it changes the way you look just enough so that you can see yourself a little better. Below is a reference photo.


Ok,  yeah, I got a little carried away with the face mask…heh heh… next time I’ll use more colors and put flowers on my cheeks and make myself into a sugar skull.

For some wonderfully expressive portraits, check out my cousin Janet’s paintings. She really knows how to capture a likeness. You can find her work at the Bluebird Novelty Co.

12 thoughts on “IF: Wrapped

  1. I like your image, the photographic texture with the clean and simple line work is very effective. Your initial pencil sketch has some nice shading where you’re doing quite a good job of indicating form, why did you decide to drop all of this information from your sketch when you worked on the final piece?

    I found your post very interesting, and the little pictures of you with your face mask on are very amusing too ;) It’s quite a good idea to use a face mask to eliminate all surface detail so you can focus on the basic form and planes of your face when you’re doing a self portrait, though I can’t see me doing it ;)

  2. Thank you all!

    Adam- I left out some details in order to simplify…maybe too many details?? Always the big decision, what stays? what goes?…just like life!

    Shelley- HA!! My cousin has done a few paintings of me in face masks. She recently sold one of the two of us in masks to a complete stranger…what a weird feeling that is!

  3. oh, peggy, you kill me! i think the likeness is wonderful! would have loved to see your drawing of that middle photo. what a great way to start my monday morning!!

  4. Love the way you underimposed the towel/texture in the final… and I love the way you exposed your process in the full blog post. You always seem to be having so much fun at home! Great stuff.

  5. What a great idea.. putting a clay face mask for drawing portraits. I have never tried drawing a self-portrait. I will keep this in mind. Janet’s paintings are wonderful. I guess your whole family is very talented. How lucky you are!

  6. Thanks guys, I am having a lot of fun playing with portraits. If any of you would like to come over and model, just let me know! I’ll provide dinner and a face mask :)

  7. Hahahaha! Oh, Peggy!!!! This is fantastic. A really beautiful self portrait, and I’d say you did quite a stellar job with it. The photos, though, how awesome is THAT! I can tell you had so much fun with it, and it really shows. :D

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