a broken heart


I broke a wine glass yesterday. My daughter and I were marveling at the perfect broken heart in the glass. I turned to chuck it into the trashcan but she stopped me saying, “No mom, you HAVE to take a picture of it!” Afterall “a broken heart can make great art”.  Silly, huh?


  1. my bet is that you will remember that wine glass more than any other! what a great moment!

  2. ha! this is really cool :)

  3. not silly at all! i love it

  4. Dearest Peggy,

    A broken heart can definitely make great art. I know. My broken heart received the most wonderful pieces of art yesterday. Summertime love and sweet smelling lavender. They brought me smiles and tenderness and touched me deeply. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity. Thank you to Sylvia for her gorgeous swan. Thank you for lending me courage and love. And thank you for your friendship.

    With love,

    1. Dear Bella,
      You are most welcome. Sending even more love and best wishes your way.

  5. elizabeth fussell foley

    You are just like your Father, Sissy….stones, pretzels, chippies….this one takes the cake, (or, Twitty Putty)

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