Paul Klee – Twittering Machine – 1922


A blog-flickr-twitter friend recently mentioned that she saw the influence of Paul Klee in one of my maps. He is indeed a favortite of mine.  It’s been a while since I’ve visited with his work so I did a bit of research and found this marvelous image!  The original is at MOMA .  I can’t wait to visit it in person. I also found a wonderful except about him from one of my favorite books, The Shock of the New by Robert Hughes. I need to re-read that book. It’s been too long.

And then I found that he was also a poet! The book Paul Klee, Poet/Painter by K. Porter Aichele went directly onto my “to-read” list.

A book, a poem and a painting….. A google trifecta!

12 thoughts on “Paul Klee – Twittering Machine – 1922

  1. I think the internet actually looks like that, Peggy. Back in 1914 you had to turn that crank to get it to work.
    Thanks for pointing these out-I want to check out his poems as well.

  2. Hey! Who knew Klee Twittered! HA. Well, I can certainly see the influence. This is a fabulous piece. Timeless. And I so enjoyed your wonderful maps. I love looking looking at maps, all kinds.

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