Map making


I started a new sketchbook as part of my daily sketch exercise.  I am devoting this one exclusively to maps. Some of the maps will be of real places and some will be entirely fictional. Most will not really resemble the places that they represent, but some will be extremely accurate.


For example, this is a map of the errands I did the other day and how I felt about them.  It is very accurate. Do you follow me?


I have always loved making maps. I recently made this map in Jim’s sketchbook. It’s what got me thinking about doing a whole book of them.  Look for more anatomy maps in the future.


Some of my maps are simply a record of letting my mind wander. This one started with a splatter map of tea bags as my jumping off point. Then I added the dregs of the previous night’s bottle of wine. I did a bit of research about tea, and had some lettering practice. I plan to explore many different kinds of media. Wish me luck.  I’ll let you know where my travels take me.

ps. The dregs of a nice Malbec are a deep, gorgeous, sparkly purple. Pour some onto a piece of water color paper and let it dry overnight.  (a very good excuse to open a bottle of wine).


  1. peggy – these are amazing!! i love hand drawn maps, real or fictitional. your errand map just sent me through the roof – i love it. i hope you will share more with us.

    p.s. i am ALL for a nice malbec!

  2. Thanks guys!! Aimee, I’d raise glass of malbec with you any day!

  3. andothersuchthings

    ooh I am loving these maps…

  4. […] while back I wrote about some maps that I had started making. Now it’s hard to imagine going through an especially good day or a […]

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