Returning….and turning…


I have been wanting to get back into dance for a quite a while. Last week I happened upon a dance school that has adult ballet classes at the right time and location for me. I met Dana, the owner of the studio, and felt right at home.  So, yesterday I took my first class in many years. The class was wonderful,  just what I need.  It’s amazing how much came back to me instantly,  and um… how much didn’t.  I have a lot of catching up to do! Even so, those body memories are pretty intense.


Even sewing the elastic on my slippers brought back a flood of memories. Of course, the last time I did that I didn’t need to first find my reading glasses!

Big thanks to Shelley for her inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Returning….and turning…

  1. How wonderful, you made me laugh about the reading glasses, i am a stage further on than that, had completely forgotten about the sewing on of the elastic :) lovely post and one that inspires x

  2. Thanks all!!
    I had my second class this week…my teacher bent in close to me and with a very mischievous grin asked “Do you have stairs in your house?” She knew very well that I was reduced to crawling up the stairs after that first class. : )

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