Mothers Day road trip


The girls and I took a Mothers Day road trip to visit my mother and sister in Asheville last weekend. We loaded up the rental car with plants and travel snacks, turned up the music and headed to the Smoky Mountains.

scenic overlook

It was a perfect weekend for appreciating why they are so named. The clouds seemed to be just hanging there at eye level. It was truly breathtaking. We stopped at a scenic overlook along the way for a better look. You can imagine my shock and horror when I saw the girls scale this wall, nod to each other and leap into the abyss……


I have to confess that this is a reenactment. The first time they jumped I was running full tilt toward them screaming STOP!!! Don’t climb the wall!! When I got to the wall and looked over there they were…..Clutchng their sides and laughing hysterically  as they rolled around on the grassy area about 2 feet below the top of the wall.  Devils.

The rest of the visit was lovely, albeit less dramatic. The cousins had great fun and the grown ups did a lot of eating and laughing and a bit of gardening too.

One thought on “Mothers Day road trip

  1. Ha! We were laughing out loud at this one here at casa Dorana. I can just see you, poor Pegga. This naughty, naughty kittens!
    xo dd

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