Miracle Fruit


Here is an illustration that I just finished for the lastest edition of Plants & Garden News. It’s for an article about miracle fruit. I learned that if you eat these berries very slowly and keep them in your mouth for 30 to 60 seconds, then everything you eat afterwards will taste incredibly sweet. You can even bite into a lemon and it will taste like it is covered in honey!! I want to try it…..


  1. great illustration – and sounds like a powerful fruit!

    1. Thanks Aimee!

  2. I wonder what chewing tobacco would taste like after munching the miracle fruit….

  3. Hi, Peggy! You have gorgeous photographs here! I love your peony bud. And this illustration — beautiful lines. I haven’t tried this miracle fruit, but I saw a demonstration of it on Martha Stewart once. The lady in the audience ate a lemon like it was a sweet orange. Wow!

  4. andothersuchthings

    I ordered some “Miracle Fruit” pills online from China. The whole process was a bit sketchy, but we got them two weeks later and sure enough, everything tastes sweet right after you eat them! Lemons were delicious!

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