Spring Break


Well it has been a fun & busy week. Last Friday we all got in the car and headed south. I have wanted to visit Savannah, GA for a long time so we did, stopping in Charleston on the way down and back. It was a wonderful trip. Lots of good food and ghosts.


Almost impossible to make a decision at LuLu’s Chocolate Bar.


Never too soon to check out colleges right? Yikes.


I grew up near a cemetary and have always found them to be very serene places. This one above is in Savannah.


But this has to be my all time favorite graveyard.  It is at the Unitarian Church in Charleston.  We took a fantastic ghost tour and so got to visit it at night. More pictures on flickr. I can’t wait to go back and visit during the day sometime!

Then it was home again, home again in time for the bunny. As is our tradition, on Easter we gardened and in the evening we toasted peeps over an outdoor fire. That’s really the best way to eat them in my opinion. Sure,  you could make a peep-nut butter sandwich, which is much like a fluffernutter. I do enjoy those (once a year)  but really the best way is toasted. Beware with little kids though, the peeps get really hot,  but after cooling off a bit the sugar coating gets crunchy, sorta like a marshmallow brulee, if you will. If you aren’t fond of eating them then, by all means, make a diorama.  I absolutely adore this year’s winner of “Peeps Show” the Washington Post contest: NightPeeps by Melissa Harvey, Arlington.


The girls are back at school today and David is back at work.  All that’s left is the hardboiled eggs and a very quiet house. Now I’d better get back to work… : )


  1. looks like a great trip! we did the same one in reverse last fall, starting in charleston and ending up in savannah. it was fabulous!

    that peep exhibit is out of this world!

  2. LOVE!! Looks like a wonderful trip! I can’t wait to get the story-up version. We’re back and I miss you!!!

  3. Wow now that is a GREAT spring break! I too love cemetarys. And the roasting peeps??!! Genius.

  4. I took the kids to Virginia for spring break and every time we got in the car we would all sing along to the Harry Belafonte you gave us a long time ago. It’s good music for harmonizing. I thought of you and our old friendship so much.

  5. That’s a very long break, I have withdrawal symptoms….

  6. Thanks all! It was a great trip and we came back to such busy-ness. More on that soon!

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