Fish & Collage




I’ve been having a lot of fun with collage lately. Above are a few I did in Tami’s book for our sketchbook exchange.


About 5 months ago I glued hydrangea petals and leaves into the shape of a fish on a page in  the sketchbook of Aurora, another participant in the exchange. Before I sent it off I scanned the page so that I could post it to flickr and also so that I’d have a record of the way it looked when it left me. I imagine the leaves and/or petals will eventually turn brown. Recently I printed it onto canvas and made a puppet out of it to send off to  friend who is making a wonderous animation. This fish travels to the west coast more than I do lately!

And while we are on the subject of collage, check out the wonderful work of KC Trommer. Oh, and her poetry…sigh.

4 thoughts on “Fish & Collage

  1. Hi Peggy–thanks for the nice comment on my blogging about the Ghana tripp–it was a life changing experience. So, you had my sketchbook already! I am looking forward to it arriving home sometime and seeing what everyone created in its pages…

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