Tanya Davis’ song Art. Video by Andrea Dorfman

I cannot stop watching this video. I love it so.

Last week my daughter was accepted into an arts magnet high school. The application and audition were so much work, she worked so very hard and I am so very, very proud of her.

(ahem….highschool? How did that happen?)


  1. i am thrilled for you and your daughter that she’ll be going to an arts magnet school! our city is too small to support one.

  2. That video was GREAT! I actually called the kids in to watch it too. They loved it and want to make one of their own, lol.
    Congrats to your beautiful daughter! How could she not be brilliant in art with a mother like you.
    Oh and High school…I know!! We just registered our oldest a few days ago for fall.
    Sigh…it goes way too fast.

  3. Thank you so much!
    It really is impossible to believe…high school? geez. My girls loved this video too. I think it should be required viewing for kids starting any new endeavor. (I watch it pretty often to get myself going!)

  4. This video is my new mantra for life. I’m going to watch it every day! Thanks!

  5. Oh I love this…
    And congratulations to your daughter!!

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