Wonderous stop motion

I’ve been thinking a lot about getting back into animation lately. Coincidently, this week two blog friends posted  two awe inspiring stop motion animations.

Thanks to  Gaia for posting this:

I have similar dreams. There is a place on my headboard where the paint is worn off.  It’s where I hold on when I dream that my bed is sailing off into the sky with me,  Little Nemo style. I’ve hung onto headboards in my sleep ever since I was very little. I don’t sleep very well in a bed without one. For fun facts about this video look here. (thanks Heather!)

And this amazing film was shared by Shelley, whose blog, Notes from Halfland, has been such an inspiration for me!

And just in time for Esme’s birthday too!

4 thoughts on “Wonderous stop motion

  1. Oh my STARS that bed film is amazing. The stop motion is awesome and the music is good to boot!!!! I could just watch and listen to that all day long!! Thanks for sharing these beauties!

  2. Oh you should!! I would love to see what you animate. How interesting about your sleep pattern and your awesome dream of sailing into the blue. My dreams are never that interesting, lol

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