5 thoughts on “xoxo

  1. My wife and I were married 22 years ago on Saturday 14th February.
    The flowers were more expensive, the two white Mercedes limosines we booked for the day were in hot demand all day, and we had to queue with other wedding parties for photographs at a park by the river. A friend once cracked an egg on my head, for a yoke of course. Well done with your heartwork!

  2. A heart in an egg-on-a-raft!?! That’s enough to make me love Valentine’s Day right there.

    Though I’ve found lots of people have lots of different names for that particular egg dish. What do you call it?

  3. Thank you all!!

    Elizabeth, when we cook an egg in a round hole we call it an “egg in a basket” so I guess this would be an “egg in a heart shaped basket”….or something.

    Belated Happy Anniversary, Michael!

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