5 a Day

We all know we should “Strive for Five” servings of fruits and veggies a day to keep our bodies healthy.  Jim tagged me with the task of describing the 5 things I do everyday to keep my spirit happy & healthy. I jotted a bunch down in my sketchbook. Here are the top five….


Allow me to elaborate:

1. I need sunshine. If there are too many winter cloudy days strung together, then a cozy spot near a fireplace will keep me going. Or even candles on the dinner table or sparkly lights strung around.

2. Exercise. Dance, a long fast walk,  yoga, running up and down stairs, cartwheels, anything.

3. Beauty = A walk in the woods, a trip to a museum, a good picture book, almost anything if you look closely enough.

4. There’s just something about that end of day ritual that makes everything right in the world. A little music, a glass of wine, beautiful veggies, the rhythm of preparing the food…chopping, stirring,  the aroma, the taste, and of course good company.

5. The best thrill ever.

So now I am s’posed to tag some folks.  This is a no-obligation invitation to share your spirit lifting techniques…






Of course, any and all are encouraged to join in!

But here is where this train jumps the track…   I am also going to tag some non-blogging friends.

Biz, Teddy, Heather, Anna, Becca

(I know you may be too shy to comment, but just think about it. And get back to me…somehow.)

ps. For more information about the origins of this meme, visit the ever lovely Dawn.

Or go to Mindapples.org for more fun and information!

8 thoughts on “5 a Day

  1. Woot! Thanks for the tag. I will most definantly do this one. I love your list minus the cooking dinner one…um, no. That surely doesnt do it for me, lol. 5ish is when everyone is flipping out waiting for food.

  2. just posted mine Peggy!! Thanks for the tag hope everything is well. I really enjoy that handwriting you have there for your 5. Also this was a good way to remind yourself of things you need each day. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  3. I don’t do five things a day to make me happy… If only school and work counted (thats all I ever have a chance to do!) haha. I guess I should start doing more every day such as…

    1. Play My Guitar
    2. Go for a Hike
    3. Sing a Happy Song or Two!
    4. Laugh More Often
    5. Keep my Room Clean :)

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