Sweet Dreams

Here’s what happens when you give your 13 year old permission to decorate her sister’s sheet. The one that was “ruined by a big glob of glitter glue anyway”


I think I might ask her to do mine too.







  1. and to think… we knew her back when…

  2. heehee, “count us if you can”…love this.

  3. Peggy, I was going to write you after browsing more around your blog and websites. But I can not stop myself and have to write here… I have a 2.5 yearsold girl. Couple hours ago, she had a pencil in her hand drawing her sheet. I stopped her saying -ask for a paper when you want to draw…- Ohhhh I shouldnt have done that.. Maybe I should let her draw her sheet all around and keep it as a memory… Thanks for the great idea!! I am sure my daugher will want to thank you too :))

    By the way her sheet looks great and you should ask her to do yours too..

    Ohh. just seen.. this post is back from november 2008.. Anyways..

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