La Dolce Diva


Here’s a lovely gift to slip into someone’s stocking this Christmas. Inspired by her love of Italy,  Jennifer Kirkwood has created a wonderful line of bath, body and home products called La Dolce Diva.

Jennifer contacted me a while back with a great illustration job. She had already created the logo for her new business, a sophisticated Diva with dark glasses and a leopard skin scarf (think  Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday). She asked me to make a large mural sized illustration of the Diva on an Italian street. The mural was printed onto 8′ x 8′ canvas and used as a backdrop to give depth to her booth at trade shows.  Since then I have had the pleasure of working on several more projects for La Dolce Diva  and let me tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed the research…paging through coffee table books about Italy,  a long soak in the bath, more than one serving of tiramisu.  Ok, so I didn’t physically go to Rome…but you can visit the Diva Sweet Life Blog for tips about how to imagine you are there!

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