Dahlias, Darling

I take care of the Elda Dixler Unger Dahlia Garden at the Cylburn Arboretum in Baltimore. My dear friend, Eden, started the garden and named it in honor of her mother, a dahlia gardener extraordinaire. When Eden and her family moved to Egypt she asked me to take care of the dahlias. Ever since I have been completely smitten with them. I started a complete novice but have learned so much over the last three years. They are such spectacular flowers. Unfortunately when it rains they sometimes drink too much. No matter how strongly I stake them, I find them the next day leaning on one another, bees buzzing around their pretty heads, in other words, hungover. But all it takes is a little TLC and they are back to their bright cheerful selves in no time.

This time of year I often find photographers snapping away in the garden, some with elaborate tripods and enormous lenses….waiting for the perfect ray of sun to hit the flower just right. That makes me so happy. Elda lives in California. Recently she and I have been emailing dahlia photos to each other. I’d love to visit her garden some day.  You can see many more gorgeous dahlias here.


  1. A delightful dalliance!

  2. […] LACMA, Griffith Park. We went to Malibu and had a wonderful afternoon and evening with my  dahlia mentor and her charming husband.  AND I got to meet a blog friend in person! But that deserves a whole […]

  3. My husband took me to Cylburn for a picnic on our one-year anniversary back when we were dating. I fell in love with your dahlias and he has taken me back every year since. Thank you for providing such a special memory for us! We had plenty of dahlias in our wedding last October, and I just bought some tubers for my garden.

    1. Oh Sarah, that makes me sooooo happy!! I did not plant the dahlias last year because of the construction, but I am getting ready to pot some up for this season. You have just given me such inspiration to make it the best year yet! Thank you.

  4. Great! I’m looking forward to our annual September trip! Last year was actually the only year we missed, because we were in our final weeks of wedding planning. Thanks again.

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