A World of Happiness has arrived in my mailbox!

I am happy and proud  to say that I did some handlettering for this book. Tor Hyams came up with the wonderful idea to do a children’s music CD about the joy of being kind. He enlisted the help of some fantastic musicians and celebrities, Deborah Harry, Perry Farrell, Gary Oldman, Issac Hayes, to name a few…They each donated their portion of the proceeds to the children’s charity of their choice. The music was written for the 3-10 year old crowd, but parents love it too! I can’t say enough great things about the CD and neither can others… So when I had the opportunity to work on a book that included lyrics, sheet music and activities centered on the songs in the CD I was, of course, thrilled. The book was written by Tor Hyams and David Scharff, with activities to accompany the songs created by Dr. Denise Hyams, PhD. It includes a wonderful story about friendship and patience by Krishni Kiffa called “Lady Leo-Lani and Her Magic Garden”. The book was published by Alfred Publishing, illustration by David Smith, line art and hand lettering by yours truly.

I have to say it was great to have an assignment lettering chapter titles like these…

And the line art for the activity pages was fun to do too. I love to draw hands…


  1. Congrats girly!

  2. I love the hands!

  3. I love the lettering..especially your Y and G.

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