I have finally started stocking the shelves of my Etsy shop.  Hooray!! I am calling it peggyellen and I’ll be selling handmade books and prints of my illustrations and other sundry seasonal items.

I wanted the logo for my shop to be similar to the logo I use for my illustration. I finally narrowed it down to the banners above. Ellen is my middle name. Peggy Ellen Fussell…that’s enough loops to make anybody loopy. Multiply that by the number of variations I did for my banner and you’ll understand why I am seeing double. (Yes, those of you who were kids of the 70s know that Fannee Doolee LOVES me!) Which do you like best? It is so easy to change the awning in front of an Etsy store : )

I’ve been having a lot of fun making hand bound notebooks. The covers are canvas and the paper inside is recycled blank paper. Sometimes I sew vintage buttons to the covers. Right now I am also making some scarves that are quite fun. Personally, I think skulls are always in season. More photos to follow as soon as my daughter has time to model!

As I said, I am also also selling prints of my illustration. If you have any ideas for which images I should make prints of or books with,  please suggest them! I am hoping that my current stock will fly off the shelves and that I’ll be constantly making new items!! Fingers crossed!

5 thoughts on “Etsy

  1. 2.
    Is the one I vote.

    Definitely “Garden Club Lady” for a book. Also your “fingers crossed” would be nice.

    I love yer stuff. Tres jolie!

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