“Organized” clutter

This is a drawing of a shelf in my studio. I must confess that the sketch is a bit more honest.



I made this sketch for a sketchbook exchange, then scanned it and inked it in Illustrator.  As I inked it in,  I tidied things up. Don’t we all see our clutter as being more organized than it actually is?


  1. So cool. Did you use the pen tool to ink or a brush?

  2. Thanks! I used a round brush.

  3. cleanest clutter ever

    nice lines

  4. This is great! Even your clutter in amazing.

  5. This is really nice. I like the drawing lines!!!

  6. That is some lovely clutter dahling. Will you come draw mine?

  7. Wish my clutter was like yours, love the sketch, your illustration is wonderful but I like all of the YOU in the sketch.

  8. turbulentsilverfox

    Your blog is lovely

  9. Very nice line work. The bold lines work very well. And Happy Birthday!

  10. Love it!

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