I had a wonderful time last weekend at ICON5, an illustration conference that took place at the historic Roosevelt Hotel in New York. I met a lot of really great people and attended some fantastic presentations. Topics ranged from finding inspiration, to self promotion, to copyright law (if you haven’t written to your representatives about the Orphan Works Act, please do.)

Overall, I’d say the take home messages for me were, persevere, be yourself and tell a good story. Good stuff to hear.

Highlights included hearing Marshall Arisman and Rudy Gutierrez talk about inspiration. Wow. There was a whole lot of great energy in that room!

And, thanks to Ronnie del Carmen‘s great talk, I got to tell a complete stranger my “getting lost” story…and I got to hear a story from her…what fun! Of course, my listener/storyteller, Cheryl Phelps, was then no longer a stranger!

I love old New York hotels… the chandeliers, the intimate clusters of well worn furniture and ornate ballrooms. The Roosevelt really fit the bill. And it was just a short stroll to my old stomping grounds. I visited the Daily News building where I used to freelance. This art deco skyscraper was the model for the Daily Planet,….. you know, where Clark Kent and Lois Lane work. The globe in the lobby brought back so many memories. It was often the meeting place to gather with friends before setting out for the evening. I took this photo to show my friend CoCo her island in the Pacific. I wonder if she even knows she has one?

I checked out the lobbies of a few others places where I once worked and walked to the park where I used to eat my lunch.

Of course I also visited my favorite building of all, the Chrysler building. If you haven’t been inside then, quick, put that on your to do list!

ps..Big thanks to my in-laws for their hospitality. The girls are still singing the songs to Mary Poppins!

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