It’s been a busy week! A couple of deadlines and a birthday party for my younger daughter. I’ll post what I’ve been working on when I get the “all’s clear” from my client. It was a lot of fun. Almost as much fun as turning ten….but not quite!

On her actual birthday she had Chicken Tikka Masala at her current favorite restaurant.

Here’s what you do when the ice cream parlor has candles, but no matches. Clever girl!

Then, the next day we threw a very colorful birthday party. But served a rather plain cake to our guests…or so they thought. Despite some obvious finger dips in the frosting, no one suspected the surprise inside!


  1. Michael Coldham-Fussell.

    Happy Birthday ten year old person in the photo.

  2. Happy tenth, kiddo, you rock!

  3. Amanda

    Such a Cake!

  4. Must.Make.That.Cake. How cute is that!! My kids would looove it. Happy bday to your 10 year old, my twins just turned 10 a few weeks ago too!

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